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Wines La Torretta

After introducing Tenuta di Sesta from Montalcino last month, we are proud to present another new estate to you today.

We chose to complete our range of quality wines from Piemonte with a winegrower from Alto Piemonte.

La Torretta is a small family domain from this very interesting wine region. The main grape here is Nebbiolo, locally known as Spanna. Alto Piemonte is a slightly cooler and wetter wine region than the better known Langhe region, which is rather an advantage with the climate warming. The wines of Ghemme and Gattinara may not be as well known as the Barolo and Barbaresco wines from the Langhe region, but they can easily stand next to them in terms of quality and storage potential. They offer a lot of value for money.

The Ferro family of the La Torretta estate were originally carpenters who made wine for family and friends in their spare time. The vineyards are located on the hill above their house and workshop in Ghemme. When the law changed so that “family wine making” was considered a real activity with tax liability, they were faced with a difficult choice: either sell their vineyards and give up their tradition and passion, or become a fully-fledged winery.

Fortunately for us, they chose to become a full-fledged winery and thus La Torretta was born. Lorenzo studied oenology and is the “winemaker”, assisted by the other family members. He believes in the principles of “natural” winemaking. Proper maintenance of the vineyard is crucial so that “nature” produces the best grapes. Then he gives the wines time to mature in large oak barrels. The top wines based on Nebbiolo are the Ghemme Il Motto and the Ghemme Riserva. They mature up to 72 months in barrel, depending on the year, and then a few more years in bottle before being released to the market. These DOCG wines from northern Piemonte can easily stand alongside the better Barolo wines. For example, the Ghemme Il Motto 2011 was included in the list of the 100 best Italian wines of 2018 (Il Golosario list). We still have a limited number of bottles of this 2011 on the head.

In addition to the Ghemme DOCG wines, the delicious, fresh Il Tordo is made from the young Nebbiolo grapes.

A very juicy, spicy wine is the Il Luco Colline Novaresi Vespolina, made from Vespolina and Nebbiolo. The Vespolina is a typical blue grape from the region of Ghemme and Gattinara. This grape may also be added to the Ghemme wine to add more colour.