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Sardinia is a large island in the Thyrian Sea (24,000 km2), located just below Corsica and about 200km from the Italian coast. It is the tourist location for many rich Italians (Costa Smeralda). The capital is Cagliari located in the south of the island.
The island has a subtropical, maritime climate where there is almost always wind. The summers are hot and the winters mild. The highest peak is the Punta Marmora at 1,834m altitude. The soil is granite rich with sand, clay and lime. 
Sheep farming is important while the vineyards are not so emphatically present, but the wines made are unique wines full of character. There is an annual production of an average of 700,000 hl. Most of the wines are produced from indigenous grape varieties: Vermentino for the white wines and Cannonau for the red wines are the most important. The most refined white wines of the island are made on the granite-rich bottoms of the Gallura appelation. Vermentino di Gallura DOCG is therefore the only DOCG appelation. The red wines of Cannonau account for 30% of the total production on the island and are generally wines with intense red fruit and a higher alcohol percentage.

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