GRATIS verzending vanaf €125 in België
Wine-Searcher Gold

Wine-Searcher Gold Award !!! Afgelopen week ontvingen we deze mooie erkenning voor ons aanbod Italiaanse kwaliteitswijnen in West-Vlaanderen.

We are delighted to award you the following in Wine-Searcher’s 2021 Retailer Awards:

GOLD 2021 Italian List in West-Vlaanderen
This is our way of rewarding great wine buyers and their teams.

Wine-Searcher’s Retailer Awards aim to recognize truly excellent price lists. To have been awarded, your price list must have demonstrated:

A wide range of high-quality wines or spirits based on critic scores.
Significant depth and breadth across regions.
Consistency throughout the year.
And your store must also show outstanding customer service, as reflected in the Merchant Star Rating.